• Bunker Sports Lounge

    4K Sports on a 200" Screen

The Bunker will offer tickets to hangout in the Sports Lounge, grab some food while we put the game on the big screen!

Stay tuned for details on upcoming openings for the Bunker Sports Lounge.

What variety of sports will be shown in the Bunker Sports Lounge?

Simply put, anything and everything, whatever’s trending at the time.

What Time should I arrive?

Our doors will open at the specified time on your ticket, you are welcome to come in, relax, and grab a bite before the match begins. 

Food services will also be available during the game, so mid match snacks are recommended!

What is the maximum capacity?

We offer up to approximately 60 seats for the Bunker Sports Lounge ensuring a comfortable atmosphere with lots of room for a premium viewing experience.

Again, be sure to check the website often and follow us on social media so you can get in on the action!

Upcoming Matches

No Upcoming Matches Scheduled

Check Back Soon!

Full Pricing Structure Coming Soon!

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