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Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Enter the Bunker’s team building activities are designed to help your team work better together. Work on your communication skills and strategy in our War Games Escape Rooms, or blow off a little steam with some friendly competition in our underground laser tag arena! Combine activities, add catering, and even accommodations, to create your own custom team bonding outing. 

Need to get some serious work done on the side?

We can help with that, too. Our team is available to help you design and run a workshop to tackle your next big project. Hash things out as a group, get everyone involved, and reach the best conclusion for your company. 

What's included:

  • 1.5 hours in our premium lounge
  • Coffee and tea service
  • Light refreshments
  • One of our signature activities OR a custom workshop
group of smiling young people at a workshop

Choose one of our signature activities

Enter the Bunker is a versatile multi-purpose venue. If you don’t see what you need in our signature activities, get in touch with our events coordinator and we will see what we can do to make this the best birthday ever. 

tyler plays laser tag at enter the bunker

Laser Tag

Zap your buddies in our super-advanced laser tag arena, with Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag! 

  • 1.5 hours of active play
  • 14 taggers – you can swap out players as often as you need!
  • Add on more time at just $75 per half hour of play
USA and USSR flags

Escape Rooms

Go head to head in our unique cold-war era escape rooms. Can you escape the bomb? 

  • 1 hour escape room
  • Max 8 players per room, 2 rooms available
A happy smiling tour guide stands next to the Debert Diefenbunker's 1960s era control panel

Historic Tours

Enter the Diefenbunker, the top secret nuclear facility right built here in Debert. 

  • 1.25 hour tour
  • Max 15 people per group

Screen Time

Ever played Fortnite on a 200″ 4K screen? We have. And you can too! Or watch your favourite film – the choice is yours! 

  • Additional 2 hours lounge time
  • Wii U game system with games

Custom Workshops

Help your team grow together with corporate workshops. Our UX professional is trained to make the most out of a group gathering and solve problems through cooperative methods. All we need are the details, and we can craft a curriculum just for you. 

Get in touch today.

group of smiling young people at a workshop

Come on down underground

Drop us a line by email or follow us on social media to get the latest on what’s up underground. 

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