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The Debert Diefenbunker boasts the finest in 1960s atomic age engineering, preserved and kept operational by our dedicated and passionate staff. But you need modern conveniences – and Enter the Bunker delivers. Free WiFi for all your guests, a 203″ screen with a 4K projector to make your presentations pop, audio equipment, and live streaming capabilities to reach your full audience. 

We have a range of pre-planned conference packages available, as well as optional add-ons to take your event from great to amazing! And we have a partnership with the Hospitality Centre, just across the street, so you can package your conference and accommodations together. 

Planning just got a whole lot easier. 

What's included:

  • 4 hours in our Premium Lounge
  • Free WiFi
  • 4K projector and 200″ screen
  • Coffee and Tea service
  • Light refreshments
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We know every event is unique, that’s why we’ve prepared a number of customizable add-ons, so you can create the perfect event, every time. 

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Additional Rooms

Choose from one of our additional spaces and expand your conference to 2 or 3 concurrent presentation spaces.

  • Cloakroom – Seats up to 10 people, TV for presentation, 1 whiteboard.
  • Coming soon – The Quad conference rooms – 4 rooms, seat up to 12 people each, TV for presentation, 1 whiteboard.


Food is a must. The bunker has a fully-functioning kitchen, and we are able to provide light meals and snacks. 

  • Snacks: Choose from cookies, popcorn, chips, fruit snacks.
  • Light meals:  pizza. 
  • External catering from the Hospitality Centre. 
A happy smiling tour guide stands next to the Debert Diefenbunker's 1960s era control panel

Historic Tours

Get to know the space you’re gathering in. A historic tour is an excellent introduction to a weekend conference. 

  • One hour and fifteen minute long tour of our facility with private tour guide
  • Max 15 people per group, additional groups can be added for additional fees
  • Contact us for more details
man and woman in laser tag gear at Enter the Bunker


Start your conference off right with some team bonding. We offer several options to add some fun to your event. 

  • Escape Rooms – max 16 people per 1.5 hour slot
  • Video games – Wii U system and games, or bring your own! 
  •  Laser Tag – 14 taggers available, swap out players as often as you need

Custom-built just for you

Not seeing quite what you need? No problem! Our event manager and creative staff are eager to hear your ideas. We can work with you to customize your event, right down to the branding and swag bags. Just contact our events manager or submit an RFP and we will get back to you soon to start planning your custom conference. 

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