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Private and Corporate Events

Looking for a special venue for your next gathering? Look no further. The Debert Diefenbunker has all the equipment and facilities you need to make your event truly memorable. Housed in what was once a top-secret nuclear facility, we offer several entertainment options as well as space rentals and advanced audio-visual equipment to meet all your needs. 

Explore our events packages, or build our own from our list of services below. 

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Private Events

The most radical birthday party ever, or the bachelor party of the century, Enter the Bunker is the place to be for private events and celebrations. 

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Corporate Events

Meetings, conferences, and teambuilding just got a whole lot more exciting. Take your team to the most unique venue around and get to work, do some serious playing, or both! 

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It is important that your event go as smoothly as possible. Every detail needs to be considered and accounted for. It’s hard work – but we can make it a little easier. Enter the Bunker offers a range of services to ensure your event is as polished as you are.

Hospitality Services

Your guests needs will be taken care of by our friendly and hardworking hospitality staff.

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Food Services

Our cafeteria, built to feed up to 120 people at a time, 9 times a day, boasts a fully-outfitted kitchen with all the tools to provide catering for your small event.


For larger events, our partners at the Debert Hospitality Centre and their Red Seal Chefs are able to provide delicious meals for you and your guests. Contact us for details.

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Free Parking


With three paved parking lots, there is no need to worry about parking at your event. Unlike other venues, where parking can be costly, difficult to find, or far away, the bunker has ample parking on a flat lot just outside the doors, and best of all? It’s free of charge.

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Creative Services

It’s important to make an impression, whether it’s solid branding or cherished memories. That’s why the bunker offers creative services to our guests who want to take the extra step to make their event memorable. Our graphic designer is able to create custom snapchat lenses, programme covers, event graphics, and more. Contact us for more details about our creative services.

Technical Services

The Debert Diefenbunker is home to PBSA, one of the most advanced Blockchain tech companies in Nova Scotia. So you know we have the technical expertise to make your event a success.

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Live Streaming

With lightning fast internet and secure connections, the bunker is able to offer live streaming of your event. Reach a wider audience, share the moment with friends far away, or ensure your conference call makes the impression you need.

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WiFi Lockdown

We were built for discretion. Sensitive information is secure in our underground nuclear bunker. With the WiFi locked down, you can be confident your data is safe and sound underground.

Audio Visual Equipment

From projectors to monitors the bunker offers a range of high end A/V equipment for all our events, meetings, and conferences.

Free WiFi

Stay connected with VOIP or messengers. With extremely limited cell service in our underground facility, you need WiFi to operate. No worries – the bunker provides our guests with free WiFi access. And, we can lock down the WiFi for the duration of your event for added security.

Come on down underground

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