• Movie Nights

    4K Movies with a 200" Screen, Yes Please!

  • Bunker 6

    Did you know that the film Bunker 6 was filmed on location in the Bunker?

The Bunker will offer movie screenings with our 4K Projector & 200″ screen. It is a unique experience you won’t want to miss!

We will be serving food and refreshment options before and during the movie. 

What movies will the Bunker be screening?

We will show a wide variety of movies to fit everyone’s interest.

There are some local films that we plan to screen, including a movie that was filmed on site!

How much seating is offered?

Bunker movie screenings currently accommodate up to 50 people. We want to keep things comfortable and cozy, to ensure you enjoy a premium viewing experience.

So be sure to stay tuned to our social media and website for further announcements.

Why are some tickets over 2 Hours and 30 Minutes?

You read that correctly! Though this time does not reflect the movie length itself, it reflects the time you get to spend in the movie lounge. Additional food and refreshments will be available for purchase, while you relax and socialize in a comfortable environment while waiting for your movie to begin. 

When you book your ticket, the movie screen time will be listed ensuring you won’t miss the opening credits of the film.

Upcoming Screenings

No Movies Current Scheduled

Check back soon!

x1 Popcorn & Pop Included Includes Stop into Bunker Gift Shop
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