Laser Tag inside of a Nuclear Bunker?! Yes Please!

Enter The Bunker has proudly  partnered with Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag for helping us to bring this to reality.

We are currently offering Open Nights where anyone can come out and get in on the action. Private and Corporate Bookings to come in the near future.


Compare scores with your friends and enemies, earn advanced weapons, send UAVs, motor strikes, and even send airstrikes to obliterate the opposition. With dozens of different games, such as capture the flag, domination, king of the hill and so much more there is always something exciting and new to experience!


Combine a Nuclear Bunker and Laser Tag, and you have the recipe for a unforgettable fun experience!

Aftermath uses the Battle Rifle Pro with the following features:

  • Provides you feedback in game to let you know you eliminated someone

  • Multiple weapons to choose from

  • Over 2000 sound effects providing feedback in game

  • Has a range of 600ft in broad daylight

  • Can be used Indoor or Outdoor (Or in a Bunker)!

The Tagger:

What is the difference between Rookie Play & Open Play?

Rookie play is designed to be for kids aged 12 and under. Parents are more than welcome to purchase a ticket alongside their kid(s).

Open play is designed for all ages from 13 and up.

How many tickets are available?

There are a total of 28 tickets for each Rookie Play and Open Play session.

Will there be an option for private laser tag bookings?!

Currently we only offer Open Nights inside of the Bunker.

Stayed tuned for the announcement of our private booking options.

What Laser Tag system does the Bunker offer?

The Laser Tag system that will be used in the bunker is the setup owned by Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag. The Bunker has partnered with Aftermath to bring you all of the fun excitement of Laser Tag in a unique Bunker environment.

Be sure to check out Aftermath’s website to learn more, and then give it a try at the Bunker!

Laser Tag Open Nights

2 Hours of action inside of the Bunker! Include Admission and Playing time! Snacks and Refreshments Available
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