October 19th and 20th, 26th and 27th 2019, 4-7pm. 

$10/child (includes 1 free adult admission). 

Spaces are limited. Please book ahead (booking to open soon!)

The Witch of Debert has lost her cat! Can you help her find Kitty so she can ride her broomstick on Halloween night? Make sure you check every game booth, and keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween creatures along the way! 


All proceeds from this event will be donated to Maggie’s Place, a local nonprofit benefiting local children and their families. 

The witch, pictured here with Kitty.

Enter the Bunker is proud to announce this year’s Halloween headliner, the Halloween Hunt! Aimed at children ages 2-10 and their families, this fun adventure through the Halloween Carnival (in our officers’ quarters hallway) will have kids playing cornhole in the graveyard, fishing for prizes on a haunted pirate ship, racing spiders, and more!  All in the quest to reunite the friendly Witch of Debert with her missing Kitty. 

Kids receive a small activity book to help mark their progress, and provide some more fun Halloween-themed games for all skill levels. While you’re looking for Kitty, see if you can find all of the other Halloween creatures and learn their names for a chance to win a special prize! Each child will leave with some candy, some small toys, and a fun activity book. 

Costumes are encouraged! But please make sure your and/or your child’s face is visible (no masks please!)

With thanks to our sponsors:

Grand Prize kindly provided by the Marigold Centre

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Let us know!

We need volunteers!

Does working a carnival game for a night sound like a blast? Do you have a skeleton costume lying around? Or do you just plain love Halloween? 

We need reliable volunteers to play our host of Halloween characters and run the carnival games for the kids to enjoy! 

If this is of interest to you, please consider applying to volunteer at this year’s Halloween Hunt. All volunteers will be invited to a thank-you party the evening of November 2nd, which includes free laser tag, tours, and pizza. 

Other Halloween activities at the bunker:

Zombie Infection Laser Tag

Halloween Laser Tag

Fight off the Zombie outbreak in a real Cold War era nuclear bunker. 

Smoke machines in use.

from $15/player. 

Brand new escape room

Set in 1979, fans of classic slashers and true crime will love this tense puzzle escape game: The House at the End of the Street.


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