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The infection is out...

In this twist on our standard high-tech laser tag, you play the survivors of a zombie outbreak, fighting off the hordes of infected. Set in the depths of a real-life nuclear bunker, with state-of-the-art equipment and headband sensors for that real “zombie headshot” feel. 


For Halloween only, this game mode comes complete with smoke machines. 

Join in the Halloween Hunt!

The Witch of Debert has lost her kitty! Can you help her track down kitty-cat by playing all the carnival games? 

This year’s Halloween headliner is a family-friendly carnival aimed at ages 2-10. All proceeds go to support Maggie’s Place and local families. 

Test your wits against a killer.

For the older crowd, our new escape room is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. A tense hour-long puzzle game will have you solving riddles in the home of a killer circa 1979. 

Come on down underground

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