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The newest escape rooms are now open just outside of Truro at the Debert Diefenbunker!

Test your puzzle solving skills in these immersive escape games. Escape Rooms place players in a detailed set and see them follow clues and solve puzzles to attain their goals. 

Never played an escape room before? Don’t worry. Our staff are happy to help orient you to the game ahead. We also have a blog post that can help you through your very first locked room escape (don’t worry – we never actually lock the door!). 

war games escape rooms USE vs USSR

War Games

Our very first escape rooms, built in partnership with Mind Hack Room Escape and Escape Artists Halifax. In this pair of Cold War themed rooms set in 1969, you can play as either the USA or the USSR. Work with your team to solve the puzzles and avert nuclear catastrophe! In an added twist, you can play against another team in the other room. Sabotage them, spy on them, and try to be the first team to make it out unscathed. 

Can you keep the Cold War cold? 

The House

at the End of the Street

All is calm in this quiet suburban street… or is it? 

Children play on their perfectly manicured front lawns. Parents are at work, mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, tending the gardens. 

Little do they know a killer lurks in their midst. 

The Puzzle Killer has been terrorizing 1979 Truro. You’ve tracked down the killer’s lair: an ordinary suburban home. Can you find the evidence you need to put the killer away for good before he returns home? Or will you be just another body at… the House at the End of the Street?

This send-up of classic slasher flicks will appeal especially to true crime and podcast fans. Bring your detective skills and put this monster behind bars. 

Come on down underground

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