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Welcome to the coolest entertainment venue in Nova Scotia. We are based in a real fallout shelter, which we have filled with some of the best experiences available. Whether you’re looking for family fun or a night out with the guys, Enter the Bunker has got the perfect activity for you. 

All of our activities are inspired by our location, a 64 000 square foot underground bunker from the 1960s. Once a top-secret nuclear facility,  we have transformed the bunker into a retro-modern entertainment destination and opened it up to the public. Come learn about the history of the site on a guided tour, or race to escape nuclear annihilation in our immersive and exciting escape rooms. You can stay active with a heart-pumping game of laser tag,  or get your game on in our Esports rooms (coming soon!). 

No matter how you like to play, we have an activity that’s perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? 

Come on out and Enter the Bunker! 

Our Experiences:


Public and Private Laser Tag

Set your lasers to fun, it’s nuclear laser tag! Our Cold War era fallout shelter is the perfect place to square off against your friends and find out who has the better aim. Enter the Bunker brings you an advanced laser tag system with sound effects, stats, and action movie worthy music to set the tone.

A happy smiling tour guide stands next to the Debert Diefenbunker's 1960s era control panel

Historic Bunker Tours

Enter the Bunker is proud to operate in a historic Cold War era nuclear fallout shelter. We are committed to safeguarding a part of Canada’s Cold War history, and to sharing it with the public. As such, we are pleased to offer historic tours of our facility.

USA flag vs USSR flag

War Games Escape Rooms

You’ve never escaped a room like this one. The year is 1969 and two global superpowers, the USA and USSR, are locked in a deadly game of chicken. Each side has been stockpiling nuclear arms since the end of WWII, keeping a strained peace through nothing more than mutually assured destruction. Tensions are high, and paranoia reigns. Can you keep the Cold War from heating up?


The House Escape Room

1979. A killer has been terrorizing the community. We’ve just about got him cornered, but we’re missing the final piece of evidence to put him away forever. Your job is to get in, disarm the voice-activated security system, find the evidence, and get out – alive. You have one hour.

A demonic skull behind television static - Escape the Demonbunker 2018

Special Events

Every now and then we like to do something big, something you’ve never seen before. Keep an eye on our events calendar to keep track of all of our events and plan your visit to Debert. 

esports arena red vs blue

Private bookings available

Build your own experience just for you and your friends. Private events and parties are available pre-packaged, or custom-built. 

Esports Tournaments

Enter the Bunker brings you esports like never before. State of the art tech, the coolest venue, and spectator seating for world class esports tournaments. 

More about esports

pro esports players gaming at PCs

Come on down underground

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