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Well look no further, as it does not get more unique than Bunker Events!

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How do I sign up for an Event?

Click on one of the events in the Upcoming Events List to the right. This will open a page with the full details on the event, including a ticket booking form.

You can also click the Book Now tab at the top of the main navigation to view all of the Bunker services, and events that are currently available.

How soon are events posted?

This will can vary depending on the event being held. We recommend checking back here often, and more importantly, following us on social media so you hear about it right away! 

How/Can I book my own event? Does it have to be a public event?

To book your own event, please visit the “Book Your Own Event” page. This can be found under the Events tab in the top menu navigation.

Don’t worry not all of our events are required to be public, you have the option to book a private event if you wish.

I'm interested in sponsoring an event in the Bunker!

First off, thank you, your consideration is greatly appreciated! Sponsorship information will be included on a dedicated page in the near future.

However if you are interested in working with the Bunker on a future unplanned event, please visit our contact page and include “Sponsorship Inquiry” in the subject line. We would love to discuss a sponsorship opportunity with you.

Upcoming Events

Diefenbunker Tours!

Historic tours of bunker begin Nov 24th/25th!

Laser Tag Open Play Night

Join us for the first official Laser Tag night inside the Bunker. 6PM-8PM Rookie Play, 8PM-10PM Open Play!

Past Events

Demo Laser Tag Match

Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag dropped by to run a test match with the crew in the bunker. It was an absolute blast! This laser tag system is really something to behold. We played a wide variety of game modes including … Read More

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