Bunker eSports

The Bunker has partnered with Levels Game Loft to bring you an experience unlike anything before in Atlantic Canada. With our premium venue, and the expertise of the staff at Levels Game Loft, a winning combination has been formed to help legitimize eSports in Nova Scotia. 

Stay tuned for lots of exciting things to come on this front including, stand alone tournaments, leagues, and much more!

Will the Bunker have the same gaming services as Levels Game Loft?

While the Bunker is going to have gaming systems, we offer a unique setup primarily run for tournaments & leagues.

Additionally, we provide big screen gaming as a singular gaming service outside of tournaments and leagues.

What if I want to try gaming but I don't want to enter a tournament or league?

Absolutely! Head over to Levels Game Loft, located conveniently in Truro. They will have you fully covered on that front.

If you enjoyed your experience at Levels Game Loft, why not try signing up for a tournament or league at the Bunker!


We are all working very hard to bring this experience alive as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to our website, and follow both the Bunker and Levels Game Loft on social media for the opening announcement.

Proudly Partnered With

eSports Tournaments

Full details on the stand alone tournaments coming soon!

How many tournaments does the Bunker plan on hosting?

Currently there are no set plans on the number of tournaments we plan to run.

Our view is, the more the better! We want to provide you with a unique experience found nowhere else.

What games will the Bunker run tournaments for?

We will be running tournaments for trending games while also planning to do some throw back tournaments for classic eSport titles, such as Halo CE, Smash Bros Melee, etc.

Be sure to follow the Bunker & Levels Game Loft on all social media platforms so you catch the announcements!

When will tournaments be announced?

Currently, we are working on getting the Bunker prepared to host these events, but don’t worry, tons of notice will be provided when the time arises.

Again, following the Bunker and Levels Game Loft will ensure you catch the announcement!

So, about that 4K projector and 200" screen at the bunker...

Glad you brought it up! One of the biggest features of our tournaments at the Bunker is the ability to display the games on our 200″ screen for fans to watch and enjoy. 

Games will also be live streamed for friends and family at home who can’t make it to the Bunker!

eSports Leagues

Full details on the eSports league coming soon!

Will multiple games be offered in the league?

Most certainly! While we can’t give away too many details yet, we want to ensure you that we offer a wide variety of options for players.

What is the league format?

We can’t give too much away on this topic yet. Stay tuned!

League Live Streaming and Spectators

We plan on offering spectator seating for fans to enjoy and cheer on their favorite teams during Bunker league matches.

Additionally will be live streaming matches for anyone unable to make it to the Bunker though our Twitch Channel.

Full Pricing Information to Come Soon!

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