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Just before Halloween 2013, a Doomsday Device lodged deep in the Debert Diefenbunker outside Truro, Nova Scotia, went off, turning the residents of the bunker into zombies.

6 years ago you successfully turned off the Device and saved the world.

We thought it was all over…

We were wrong.

cult bunker

The demonic Doomsday Cult behind the zombie outbreak has returned, and they have taken one of the bunker employees hostage. The cult plans on sacrificing the employee to summon a demonic force and reactivate the Doomsday Device. We have until Halloween 2018 to stop them. Use your escape room skills to navigate the haunted house of horrors and rescue the employee from the clutches of the Doomsday Cult.

Can you solve the puzzles, rescue the human sacrifice, and save the world? 

Can you…

Escape the Demonbunker? 

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Event Information

Enter the Bunker’s first public event, Escape the Demonbunker was a unique puzzle-solving haunted house experience that had visitors unraveling riddles to rescue a bunker employee from the clutches of the nefarious Doomsday Cult. Based on the popular Doomsday event from 2013, Escape the Demonbunker expanded the plot and changed up the activity. Instead of battling zombies flag-football style, Demonbunker led visitors on a near-hour-long adventure into the depths of the bunker, helping employees to free their captured coworker.


The event garnered media attention from Truro News, CBC News Nova Scotia, and CTV News Atlantic.  

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Escape the Demonbunker donated $1 from each ticket to local schools, a total of $545 towards local children’s education! 

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