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Our Hall of Fame

Enter the Bunker hosts some of the most unique events in Nova Scotia. Specialty sporting weekends, Paintball tournaments, and Halloween extravaganzas are among our favourite activities. Check out some of our past events below.

But What's Next?

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The Rogues Gallery

The Bunker Royale

Our first-ever esports event: a multiplayer Fortnite rumble for over $1000 in prizes! 

"We're Coming" Demonbunker logo

Escape the Demonbunker

Continuing the storyline of 2013’s massively successful Doomsday event, 2018’s Halloween event, Escape the Demonbunker, turned the whole Debert bunker into a haunted escape room experience not to be missed. 

Relive the experience and check out our landing page.

World Cup of Paintball

Watch the pros play on our 203″ 4K screen. 

skull with gas mask


The first event ever held at the bunker way back in 2013, Doomsday turned the entire place into a zombie-filled doomsday shelter. With zombies created by Walking Dead makeup artists, it was an event to remember. 

...and more to come!

We’re just getting started! As we host more events, we will add to our rogues gallery. Check out our event schedule and make sure you don’t miss a single, amazing event. 

Come on down underground

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