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The Bunker Productions studio is not currently open to the public for bookings. 


Deep in the bunker there is a door with the letters  “CBC” painted on it. Inside is a studio, built in the 1960s for the purpose of alerting the public to the dangers of fallout and radiation following an atomic attack on Canadian soil. That attack never came, and the studio was left unused underground in Debert. Until now. 

Bunker Productions has taken up residence in the old CBC media studio at the Debert Diefenbunker.  Once known as the quietest studio in Atlantic Canada, the equipment has been updated and the studio cleaned up in preparation for a new life. Here we record podcasts, video, and audio for all kinds of projects. 

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Experience the Bunker

While we get the studio ready for bookings, check out some of our activities we have on offer. 

Shanlon is ready to play laser tag at enter the bunker

Laser Tag

A high tech system in a Cold War arena. This is laser tag like never before.

Debert Diefenbunker doors entryway

Historic Bunker Tours

Curious about the bunker and its role in Canadian history? Take one of our educational tours.

Locked Room Puzzle Games

Our three Cold War themed escape rooms will test your wits and tease your brain.

Come on down underground

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