three women exercise in a vintage 1930s photograph

5 Fun Indoor Activities in Truro to Keep You Fit This Winter

Stick to those New Year’s resolutions with our list of the most fun ways to stay fit indoors in Truro! … Read More

A happy smiling tour guide stands next to the Debert Diefenbunker's 1960s era control panel

Happy Holidays!

Exciting news coming your way! … Read More


Weekly Update: Demonbunker

We are super excited to be revealing our Halloween event! Hopefully you have all been paying attention to our social media posts recently. We’ve kept our messages vague, as we can’t let the cult know we are on to them… … Read More


Weekly Update: October

Our Halloween haunted house escape room is almost ready! … Read More

A man in Cold War era uniform stands on top of the bunker

Mud Hero is coming to the Bunker!

We are happy to announce the Debert Diefenbunker is the first obstacle on the acclaimed Mud Hero course 2018! On Saturday September 8th, Mud Hero is coming to Debert. The bunker crew will be on the front lines promoting all … Read More


Weekly Update: Kitchen Treats

Our latest arrival is our brand new kitchen supplies! We are opening lots of boxes these days and our mailboxes are overflowing with everything we need to start whippin’ up some cold war/ military themed foods.  This massive kitchen has … Read More

Mysterious man in shadow escape rooms

Weekly Update: Movie Nights

More exciting news! We are now counting down the weeks to be able to show off our beautiful cafeteria which will be hosting our upcoming movie nights. We will also be using the space for  Esports, sportnights, and our giftshop. … Read More

A sign inside the Debert Diefenbunker reads "Control room"

Weekly Update: The Diefenbunker Tour

We have been working hard on practicing our tour flow and are very excited to fill you in on what we have coming up! The first experience we will be providing at Enter the Bunker will be our very own … Read More

a cute baby sits on brightly coloured chairs

Weekly Update: Family Friendly Fun

Welcome back to our last weekly update of July! I was lucky enough to be visited at work by my wonderful wife and son today who delivered a much needed ice coffee care package. After they left I started to … Read More

Weekly Update Chairs

Weekly Update: Musical Chairs!

With a busy day scheduled in for tomorrow, I bring you the weekly Bunker update early as a nice treat. Speaking of treats, it was a pleasant surprise to get to the Bunker this morning and see that all of … Read More