Esports Galore! Duos tournament winners and our NEXT Fortnite tournament!

Esports Galore! Duos tournament winners and our NEXT Fortnite tournament! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Thanks everyone for coming out to our second Esports tournament: Bunker Royale 2! All proceeds from the tournament are going to Debert Elementary tech fund to foster … Read More

How to Ace an Escape Room When You Only Have 10 Minutes

Our NEW Pop-Up Mini Escape Room: Field Hospital is coming to Snowbirds! Make sure you’re ready to ace it with these 5 tips. … Read More

snowbird airplanes

Snowbirds and Street Festivals: What is an Escape Room?

Summer is almost here and Enter the Bunker has some exciting new mobile experiences to share! … Read More


eSports Has Launched! And the Winners Are…

eSports Has Launched! The Winners Are… Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Bunker Royale is over, and with the dust cleared the winners have emerged: Congratulations to: 1st place: xoxo mason, who took home the $600 first place prize AND 2 $50 … Read More

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eSports Tournament: Fortnite

It’s finally here: The Bunker Royale! $$$ prizes to be won! Registration opens May 14th. … Read More

Heal Your Heart With Art, Truro

Laser Tag, Surprises, and Healing Hearts

Our monthly charity organization helps women recover from abusive situations through art. A special upcoming event teaser, and that new laser tag gear lookin’ crispyyy. … Read More

aftermath mobile laser tag at enter the bunker

Goodbye David, We’ll Miss You! New Laser Tag Format

Laser tag news, paintball news, and a heartfelt THANK YOU for Bunny Bunker! … Read More

a row of natural dyed easter eggs

The Unusual Tradition of Rolling Eggs Down Hills

A brief history of egg-based traditions, and a recipe for natural egg dyes, in anticipation of the Bunny Bunker this Saturday! … Read More

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A Vintage Easter: 7 Recipes from the Days of Jell-O Salads

We’re back in the vintage kitchen and we’re cooking up a storm. A gelatin-covered, loaf-shaped storm. … Read More

Escape Room: Origins cover photo

Escape Room: Origins

Where did escape rooms come from? We bring you a very short history of the games. … Read More