Weekly Update: October

Our Halloween haunted house escape room is almost ready! … Read More

a cute baby sits on brightly coloured chairs

Weekly Update: Family Friendly Fun

Welcome back to our last weekly update of July! I was lucky enough to be visited at work by my wonderful wife and son today who delivered a much needed ice coffee care package. After they left I started to … Read More

Weekly Update Chairs

Weekly Update: Musical Chairs!

With a busy day scheduled in for tomorrow, I bring you the weekly Bunker update early as a nice treat. Speaking of treats, it was a pleasant surprise to get to the Bunker this morning and see that all of … Read More

Bunker Update

Weekly Update: Bunker Makeover

Welcome to the first weekly Bunker update! Where we fill you in on the latest happenings in the Bunker. So what is on the go for this week? Well to sum it up quickly we’ve been painting, performing lots of … Read More

We’re Hiring!

Interested in working at the Bunker? Fortunately for you we currently have two job listings out! Fulls details on both positions in the links below: Bunker Experience Representative Systems Administrator & Support

What Now? Give us INTEL!

With our site now live and everyone getting a nice taste of what has been cooking, the question now is… What Now? When can we get inside of the bunker?! STOP THE TEASING! Well fortunately for you all, we are … Read More

Demo Laser Tag Match

Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag dropped by to run a test match with the crew in the bunker. It was an absolute blast! This laser tag system is really something to behold. We played a wide variety of game modes including … Read More

It is time…

The time has come for us to unveil some of the secrets that have been surrounding the Bunker. So without further ado, welcome to your new entertainment destination….Enter The Bunker! Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more … Read More