March 25th blog featured image

Grand Openings and March Break Madness

Big news! Escape rooms are on the horizon and we have a proper celebration planned! … Read More

March Break Madness at the Bunker

Wondering what to do with the kids for March Break? We have some great ideas! … Read More

"Cold as hell out"

Researching Top Secret Facilities and Finding Things in Walls

There’s nothing in the archives, but our walls apparently have plenty to show us. … Read More

You're It - Atlantic Laser Tag League

Atlantic Laser Tag League: Strategy Tips to Help You Win Gold

Learn some skills to help make your team top of the Atlantic Laser Tag League. … Read More

sad person in snow

Beat the Winter Blues: Our Top 10 Mole-Person Tips

We spend a lot of time underground, so we know how to stay cheerful in the darkest months! … Read More

Be My Valentine: Bunker eCards for Your Sweetie

Some free bunker eCards to send your date – along with your Valentine’s Day laser tag tickets 😉 … Read More

canada's parliament with a maple candy over it

Canada’s Cold War Cuisine: Recipes from the PM’s Office(ish) – Part 2

We’re back with more Cold War cuisine! Sort of! … Read More

canada's parliament with a maple candy over it

Canadian Cold War Cuisine: Recipes from the PM’s office (Part 1)

Our Prime Ministers’ favourite dishes from the Cold War era – no Jell-o allowed. … Read More

Escape Room 101: How to Solve Your First Locked Room Puzzle Game

We’ve got all the details on what you’ll need to know to win your first escape room. … Read More

cartoon of a shocked man reading a newspaper that says "war declared cities bombed"

Our Favourite Cold War Memes

The Enter the Bunker crew has rounded up our favourite Cold War-related memes for your entertainment! … Read More