You're It - Atlantic Laser Tag League

Atlantic Laser Tag League

Brought to you by Enter the Bunker and Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag

The action hero. 

The assassin. 

The video game come to life. 

Whatever you want to be – in league play laser tag, you’re it. 

Enter the Bunker and Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag bring you Nova Scotia’s first competitive laser tag league. Up to 10 teams face off over 5 weeks to make it to the championships. The top 6 teams will compete to see who will be the best – and who will take home the first place prize.


Round 1 begins March 19th, 2019!

Show us what you are. Register your team today. 


Registration Closes March 11th, 2019

Limited Time Offer:

$100 off registration

Register your team today and get $100 off your team’s registration fee. 

Offer valid until February 11th, 2019.

League Structure

The Spring 2019 Season will see 10 teams compete for the grand prize. The League is open to all players age 10 and up. There are no age brackets, adults and children play together on mixed teams. 

The League kicks off on March 19th, 2019!

League matches run on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting at 6:00 PM. Each team plays one night a week, in a total of 2 to 3 Matches. 

The league runs in a round robin format, with all teams playing every other team in the league to qualify for the playoffs. The top teams will be decided based on total points accumulated during the round robin: 2 points are awarded for each Match win, and 1 for each Match win in sudden death overtime. 

Each Match consists of 3 Games. Games are approximately 6 minutes long, and the winner of the Match is determined by who wins the most Games. In the unlikely event of a tie Match, teams will proceed into a sudden death team elimination round, where the first team to eliminate the other team wins!

Game Modes:

Games can be played in one of at least 6 Game Modes. Each Team Captain will select one Game Mode before the Match on behalf of their team, with the final Game Mode selected by the Game Warden.

Team Deathmatch

King of the Hill


Single Capture the Flag

Tactical Medic

Tactical Medic Domination


All laser tag gear is provided by Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag. Players are not required to provide any of their own laser tag gear. 

Players will be required to wear shoes and appropriate clothing at all times. The Game Warden reserves the right to eject any player who fails to meet these standards, as defined by the Game Warden. 


The top 4 teams in the league as determined by the playoffs will receive the following prizes or equivalent: 

1st Place:

– Free team registration for next season

2nd Place:

– 1 standard private laser tag booking in the bunker (90 mins, time and date subject to availability)

3rd Place:

-4-6 Laser Tag Open Night Gift Certificates (one per registered player on the team)

4th Place:

-4-6 Enter the Bunker t-shirts (one per registered player on the team)

In addition to team prizes, a number of individual awards based on player stats will be given out at the end of playoffs: 

– MVP Award

– Most Accurate Award

– Sportsmanship Award

– Highest K/D Award

– Best Objective Award

Atlantic Laser Tag League

Registration and Fees

No gear required – just you and 3-5 teammates!

First match of the season begins March 19th, 2019!

Registration closes March 11th, 2019

Earlybird Registration: $700 per team*

That’s $100 off our regular registration fee! Offer valid until February 11th.

Broken down by game:

4-player team: $2.92/Game

5-player team: $2.33/Game

6-player team: $1.93/Game

Registration fee: $800 per team*

Broken down by game:

4-player team: $3.33/Game

5-player team: $2.67/Game

6-player team: $2.22/Game

Registration includes:

– 9 regular-season Matches (based on 10 teams in the league)

– Guaranteed minimum of 57 Games**, including:

– 1 hour each week of warm up gameplay before the Matches

– Laser tag equipment provided by Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag

– 1 piece of pizza and 1 soft drink per night

– Detailed stats tracked and displayed on our league website

*taxes not included. Fees due within 1 week of registration, or teams forfeit their slot to another team. 

**based off a full 10 teams registered in league.

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