Mysterious man in shadow escape rooms

More exciting news! We are now counting down the weeks to be able to show off our beautiful cafeteria which will be hosting our upcoming movie nights. We will also be using the space for  Esports, sportnights, and our giftshop. Of course always including yummy food cooked and served right here in the bunker!

The first movie we will be screening is a local film called Bunker 6. The main story is filmed here in the Debert Diefenbunker. The film was produced by Rebecca Sharratt, written and directed by Greg Jackson. Starring many other local artists such as Andrea Lee Norwood, Molly Dunsworth, Shelley Thompson, as well as Jim Fowler and Glen Matthews. Bunker 6 is set during an alternate timeline in which a nuclear catastrophe takes place during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A group of survivors are faced with the perplexity of how long they can continue life in the shelter as well as facing the uncertainty of life in a world contaminated by radiation.

You can check the Bunker 6 trailer out here

We’re Hiring!

Next week we will be back with even more information about all the fun experiences the bunker will be introducing. We now have another position open in the bunker! If any of the following interests you, then this may be the career for you.

Enter the Bunker is looking for a Graphic designer!

  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Development
  • Working with Clients to bring their vision to life
  • Aesthetics
    And much more!

Visit our career page to learn more about the position and apply on our website

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