A sign inside the Debert Diefenbunker reads "Control room"

We have been working hard on practicing our tour flow and are very excited to fill you in on what we have coming up!

The first experience we will be providing at Enter the Bunker will be our very own Diefenbunker tour. Tours will be available to the public for large or small groups, individuals, and even corporate outings. Each tour will take approximately one hour. There will be opportunities for attendees to take photos, ask questions, and purchase Enter the Bunker merchandise. The tour itself will include a look through the historic rooms the bunker holds. There will be explanations on what their intended purposes were as well as what the military had used them for. Some of these rooms include; The original Decontamination Showers, Control Room, Damage Assessment Room, Sleeping Quarters, and the Cafeteria along with many other interesting and exciting hidden areas. With being such an iconic piece of history, there are fun and interesting stories that will be shared during the tour that give background of the bunker’s past.

To learn more about our Diefenbunker tours check out the following page:


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