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Welcome back to our last weekly update of July!

I was lucky enough to be visited at work by my wonderful wife and son today who delivered a much needed ice coffee care package. After they left I started to think about all of the exciting things we have in the works that will create a unique and fun experience for the whole family. So figured I may as well give everyone a quick glimpse at some of the exciting plans we have for the bunker over the next year.

Fun for Everyone!
One of the best things about all of the Bunker Experiences we have planned is that they will be scheduled to offer something for the whole family. An example I can give you is that we plan on scheduling some Sports Lounge openings on the same nights as our Laser Tag days. That way the kids can get in several hours of laser tag fun, while mom and dad can catch the game and relax in the lounge. HOWEVER, I don’t know about you, but you’d probably find me down playing laser tag with the kids.

Summer Camps!
While we can’t give out too many details on this, the Bunker crew will be putting together some exciting Summer Camp activities for summer 2019. Our activities will be all about fun, while also teaching attendees about the history of the Bunker itself. We can’t wait until the time comes to unveil our full plans!

We’re (Still) Hiring!

Next week we will be back with some exciting news! Our Bunker Experience Representative position has been filled, and we can’t wait for you to meet the newest member of the team. But don’t worry, we will eventually be adding more members to the Bunker Experience Representative team! So definitely stay tuned for news on that over the next few months.

Now for some more exciting news! We now have another position open in the bunker! If any of the following interests you, then this may be the career for you.

Enter the Bunker is looking for a Creative Director!

  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Development
  • Working with Clients to bring their vision to life
  • And much more!

Did you apply for the Creative Director position? Visit the below link to apply today!

Creative Director

To see all of the other career opportunities in the bunker, check them out HERE

That is all for our weekly update, hope you all continue to have a wonderful summer!

– Tyler

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