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With a busy day scheduled in for tomorrow, I bring you the weekly Bunker update early as a nice treat. Speaking of treats, it was a pleasant surprise to get to the Bunker this morning and see that all of our chairs have arrived for the cafeteria. Another piece of the puzzle in place! With the chairs now unloaded we had to set them up and give it the test, and here the results from some of the Bunker crew:

Jensen – Wow 5/5
Josh – Comfort 5/5
Myself – Color 5/5

Our consensus:

All in all, we are very excited for you to come in and enjoy some movies in our premium lounge, and I guarantee it will be an experience you won’t forget. A fairly obvious tease as to our first movie screening has also been given as well, so stayed tuned for more news on that over the next couple of weeks.

Now aside from the HUGE temptation to have such a musical chairs tournament, the team is still actively working away on the Escape Room project. It is still a couple months away, but trust me, the push is on to get everything done by early fall.

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Enter The Bunker

That is all for this week folks.

– Tyler

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  1. Penny

    Super excited for the setup!!! Good job on picking the colors!

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