Bunker Update

Welcome to the first weekly Bunker update! Where we fill you in on the latest happenings in the Bunker.

So what is on the go for this week? Well to sum it up quickly we’ve been painting, performing lots of construction, and painting. In the above featured image, I’ve given you a little teaser of the new look for the cafeteria/lounge. It is looking pretty sharp, plus it is only going to get better and better. One really important thing I want to mention is that even though it is quite the makeover, our biggest goal was to maintain the Bunker aesthetic, which believe me, it is alive and present.

In addition to the cafeteria being worked on, I’d like to also share with you that on of our most anticipated projects is also officially started. Can you guess what it is?!? That’s right! Our Bunker Escape Rooms project is underway and the Bunker Crew is hard after it. I will have more information on this subject over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. You can also visit our Escape Room page for additional details.

Escape Rooms

We’re Hiring!

If all of the above info sounds awesome, well I have some icing on the cake for you… we are currently on the hunt to the position of a Bunker Experience Representative. That is right, you have the opportunity to come work inside of the Bunker! Lets quickly talk about the role of this position. The Bunker Experience Rep will perform a variety of duties, some of which include:

  • Performing Tours
  • Escape Room Game Master
  • Social Media Management
  • And much more!

Did you apply for the Bunker Experience Representative position? Visit the below link to apply today!

Bunker Experience Representative

That is all for our weekly update, I’ll be back again next week with more interesting Bunker details.

– Tyler

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