With our site now live and everyone getting a nice taste of what has been cooking, the question now is… What Now? When can we get inside of the bunker?! STOP THE TEASING!

Well fortunately for you all, we are very excited to let you know that a few of our Bunker Experiences are actually not too far off.

Currently we are working hard to bring both Escape Rooms and Bunker Tours to you very soon. So if you have been itching for a look inside of the bunker you can expect tours by mid to near the end of summer (The perfect way to end the summer is with a Bunker tour!). There will be a better ETA on the Escape Rooms over the next couple of weeks and we will talk in more detail as to what to expect (Well, as much info as I can sneak out of the Bunker Vault).

It is just short and sweet for today…got to get back to work on bringing the Bunker Experience to life. But remember updates on progress/construction will also be posted here weekly, so be sure to stay tuned for much more to come.

Until Next Time,
– Tyler

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