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    A Premium Venue calls for Premium Services

Our Services

We are proud of our premium services that make your time spent in the Bunker an experience to remeber.

If you have any questions about our services, please drop us an email or give us a call today!

Food & Beverage Service

The Bunker has a fully functioning kitchen attached to our lounge/cafeteria. We ensure our attendees are well fed with delicious food.

Free Parking

With 3 paved parking lots in front of the bunker, we can ensure that there is space for all of our attendees. No parking far away and having to walk for this venue.

Meeting & Conference Space

With a whole host of meeting & conference space available, we can ensure that the bunker meets your needs

Birthday Parties

Coming Soon! The Bunker will be offering a wide variety of fun and exciting birthday packages to make a special day even more spectacular!

Live Streaming

The Bunker is one of the first local venues that offers live streaming as a standard service. We mean it when we say premium experience.

Free Wifi

Wifi Lockdown

Being a nuclear bunker, cell service is non existant. To top it off, we also have the ability to lock down our wifi to give you the utmost confidence your sensitive meeting or conference is secure.

A/V Equipment Included

Tired of paying extra for what should be standard meeting equipment? Want more than just a cheap low quality tv or projector? The Bunker offers high quality A/V gear for all of our events, meetings, and conferences.

Corporate Packages

Coming Soon! The Bunker will be offering a wide variety of team building packages for your company to come out and enjoy. Have some fun while also developing the camaraderie of your crew!

Corporate Services

Our Team Building packages can accommodate groups big & small.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Our state of the art meeting and conference rooms provide a comfortable and professional experience that allows you to deliver an effective presentation

WIFI Lockdown

How can you make a nuclear bunker even more secure? We offer a wifi service lockdown for businesses that was to keep sensitive information even more secure. You can be sure what happens in your meeting, stays in your meeting.

Team Building

We offer a variety of team building packages that help promote and develop functional teamwork, while also ensuring everyone has lots of fun. An experience your business is sure to not forget.

Record your event

We offer live streaming services for all of our events through our Bunker Productions division, so no one has to ever miss out.

"Very interesting and being a citizen of Debert so happy your restoring this cool piece of history, great job !!!"
Christinensteve Darai
Tour Attendee
"The zombies were awesome! So much fun!"
Michaela Decoste
Doomsday 2013 Attendee
"Fortunate to be a part of the test group for Laser Tag. You're in for a treat everyone!"
Laser Tag Demo Attendee

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